Helen Marie Newman is an Artist making sculptural and wall based ceramic art. She predominantly uses porcelain and often combines small porcelain pieces with other materials such as textiles, to explore stories and human relationships with the handmade. In particular she is drawn to making by hand and how this practice captures time and the marks of the human behind the making. Previously graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art in 2014, she retrained as a ceramic artist in 2017 coordinating her own study programme through exhibitions, residencies, tutorials from peers and self teaching.


Her process is repetitive and labour intensive. Through repetition, in particular with pieces which require small batch production, she starts to identify how each porcelain shape should look and feel, whilst the labour intensive needle pricked surface captures the passing of time. The practice becomes almost second nature and through hand made construction each piece finds its own unique identity.  Working with porcelain is a bodily experience for Newman. It’s the action of teaching her hands to work with the porcelain which draws her to it, creating a bond between hand and the material. 


Helen Marie Newman 2020.

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